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So you're looking for an audio professional and have found your way here, GREAT we're glad to have you on board. This page has our members listed by services offered. So if you need an engineer with a studio, you can find them directly here.

If you need a fill in for your normal Front of House Engineer for a Sunday service or a sound mixer for your indie film. Wisconsin Audio Engineering has got you covered. Just click the service that you're looking for and bam you'll have a list of everyone in the state that provides the service.

If you're not sure what service you need, just click a page that looks like it's close. Each page has a description of what that service is so that you can seek your solution with confidence.

If you are looking for professionals within a specific city, you can also browse our members by location hopefully this makes finding what and who you're looking for quick and simple. Most of our services can be performed online so in some cases you will upload your material and a professional will be able to complete your project remotely so don't let a person's location stop you from hiring the person that you feel is the best fit.

If you have any suggestions on how we can make the site more friendly for you to find your a professional, send us an email with the suggestion in the contact form.