Equipment Sales Explained

We have a lot of members in our group that are independent equipment retailers and sales representatives for larger corporations and manufacturers. If you are looking to make a purchase, shop these good people right here on line and take the hassle out of chasing around from store to store. Most of them will price match right here for you!

Audiotone Professional A/V Instruments Integration and Design is an independent online retailer with years of sales and practical experience. They are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and are great about price matching and cutting killer deals. They have instruments, recording gear, live sound gear, and are well versed in system design. To contact them you can call (877) 883-9203 or email them at or connect with their facebook page as their website is under construction. They also offer instruction on the use of purchased equipment.

The Chair for AES Wisconsin is currently Dustin Boyle. Dustin operates Detune Audio out of Madison, Wi. and has professional experience in a huge range of media disciplines. He can be reached via web at by phone at (608) 772-6767 and by email at For AES specific inquiries, Dustin can be reached by email at Dustin's areas of expertise are as follows:         

  • Commercial Audio Video & Control Design         
  • Recording and Mixing          
  • Mastering Services          
  • Live Sound Services          
  • Field Production Services          
  • Video Post Production          
  • Music Production          
  • AV Repair Services          
  • Live Sound Lessons          
  • Commercial AV Sales

The Koss Company was the first manufacturer to create a stereophonic headset. That's right, before there was Koss, headphones were monophonic and primarily used for government purposes. When you hear Koss headphones, you realize that being first also means sounding killer. Today the Koss Corporation is still based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and their products set a standard that most other manufacturers can't like up to. You can learn more about Koss on their website.

The Treasurer for AES Wisconsin is Greg White. Greg owns and operates Madison Pro Audio which is a full service production and install company. He can be reached by phone at (608) 213-7419 by web at and by email at For AES specific inquiries Greg can be reached by email at Greg's areas of expertise are the following: 

  • Live Sound reinforcement and recording Services  
  • Commercial Audio Design  
  • Pro Audio Sales  
  • Live video services  
  • Event lighting and design  
  • Mobile staging

MusicMann Studios operates out of Milwaukee, WI and is operated by Michael Mann. Mike is an accomplished guitar instructor and musician with a killer ear and a lifetime of experience in the business. He can be reached on his website at by email at and by phone at (414) 403-8219. Mike's areas of expertise are as follows:     

  • Recording and Mixing     
  • Mastering Services     
  • Live Sound Services     
  • Music Production     
  • Lessons     
  • Sales