Wisconsin Audio Engineering Madison

Audio For The Arts

Audio For The Arts is a full-service recording and audio production company offering audio expertise and friendly, professional services to a wide variety of clients. They are a fully functional world class facility. Audio For The Arts is located at 7 S Blair Street, Madison, WI 53703. You can reach them on the web at audioforthearts.com. You can reach them by phone at (608) 255-0511 and by email at audrey@audioforthearts.com. Audio For The Arts has one of the best resumes in the country and they're very experienced in the world of classical, orchestral, jazz and traditional recordings. Their areas or expertise are as follows: 

  • Recording and Mixing Services 
  • Mastering Services 
  • Music Production

Audio For The Arts Staff

Clutch Sound

Clutch Sound was founded in 2013 by Brian Liston at the former Smart Studios location. Clutch works in a wide variety of recording including Music, Film, Advertising, Voice Over, Location and Video. The Studio is located at 2987 Yarmouth Greenway Dr. in Madison, WI. You can reach Brian by cell at (608) 334-5737,  by email at brian@clutchsound.com or through his website clutchsound.com. Brian has strength in the areas of Film Scoring, Rock, Hip Hop and Techno. His areas of expertise are:     

  • Recording and Mixing     
  • Mastering Services     
  • Field Production     
  • Video Post     
  • Music Production

Cody Ruhman

Cody Ruhmann is a Live Sound Engineer operating out of Madison, WI. He can be reached by phone at (608) 290-9180 and by email at cruhmann@hotmail.com. His area of expertise is as follows: 

  • Live Sound Services

Dustin Boyle

The Chair for AES Wisconsin is currently Dustin Boyle. Dustin operates Detune Audio out of Madison, Wi. and has professional experience in a huge range of media disciplines. He can be reached via web at www.detuneaudio.com by phone at (608) 772-6767 and by email at dustin.boyle@detuneaudio.com. For AES specific inquiries, Dustin can be reached by email at chair@wisconsinaudioengineering.com Dustin's areas of expertise are as follows:          

  • Commercial Audio Video & Control Design          
  • Recording and Mixing           
  • Mastering Services           
  • Live Sound Services           
  • Field Production Services           
  • Video Post Production           
  • Music Production           
  • AV Repair Services           
  • Live Sound Lessons           
  • Commercial AV Sales

The Treasurer for AES Wisconsin is Greg White. Greg owns and operates Madison Pro Audio which is a full service production and install company. He can be reached by phone at (608) 213-7419 by web at www.madisonproaudio.com and by email at greg@madisonproaudio.com. For AES specific inquiries Greg can be reached by email at treasurer@wisconsinaudioengineering.com. Greg's areas of expertise are the following:  

  • Live Sound reinforcement and recording Services   
  • Commercial Audio Design   
  • Pro Audio Sales   
  • Live video services   
  • Event lighting and design   
  • Mobile staging