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It would be so awesome to have this site serve as the go to reference for people all over the world who seek our services. Today Wisconsin, tomorrow the entire planet. That said, we have to start somewhere and the place to begin is here with your listing. The cost for listing is $20 per year. We aren't here to make money off of our own kind (Engineers) we're here to be unified in offering our services and if we're all in one place, I think it helps us find business and users find us.

We are currently listing by services offered so if you fall into more than one category, you will be added to more than one listing for the same signup fee. If you don't have an official website, don't sweat it, you can give us your Facebook Business Page or Twitter Account just the same. You also need to give us a picture that we can use for your listing. Keep the images professional please as it is a representation of your business and we want to be the most reliable source for engineers.

Once you have submitted your listing you will be instructed where to email the picture for your listing.

***Disclaimer*** A listing on this site is not a guarantee that you will receive an inquiry or clients from being listed. We will do our best to keep the site visible so that people looking for services have a chance to see you. By purchasing this service, you agree to allow to post your image and contact information.

Wisconsin Audio Engineering Site Listing
  • Wisconsin Audio Engineering Site Listing

Wisconsin Audio Engineering Site Listing

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This fee is for a one year listing on this site. When you get to around 30 days left on your year, we will send you a re-up notification. We don't auto draw, yet !

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This site is a service to our members and people seeking their assistance. If there's anything at all that we can help you with, we will do so as best we can so send us an email and let us know how we can help you.

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