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Welcome to Wisconsin Audio Engineering (WAE). We are a group of professionals who have dedicated our lives to the business of sound. This site is a dedicated directory for the members of our group. The goal of this directory is to place all of our member's services in one place so that a person that's looking for audio services can have a one stop shop to find professionals that can accommodate their needs.

We are a new site and as such are still developing our content and members. We are open to any suggestions for improvement and ease of use that visitors have for us. We have our members listed by service type, location, and for music members, genre. We also have many members who are located outside of Wisconsin and their cities are listed.

We began as a group on Facebook and as we have grown to over 1500 members, we agreed that it would be an excellent idea to take our casual group and share our services so we funded our own website. If you're an audio professional and would like a group to fellowship with feel free to check out our group on Facebook. It's a really great place for tips and to get questions answered.

We are avid supporters of the Wisconsin Section of the Audio Engineering Society and will regularly post updates of their meetings and events.

This site serves only as a directory and not a qualification of a member's experience or abilities. Anyone who is offering audio services can request to be listed and we urge you as a client to seek recommendations and samples or portfolios from anyone whose services you're interested in.

July News For Wisconsin Audio Engineering 

Man oh Man oh Man. Well folks here we are, day one of a new era. Today begins the first day of us officially closing the Wisconsin Charter for AES and moving forward with Wisconsin Audio Engineering. Fortunately we have a really great model that we can look to in the EARS Society in Chicago

I was turned on to the EARS Society by Danny Leake who has been a great friend and mentor to me. Wisconsin Audio Engineering is a lot like that really. We won’t get so much into white papers and stuff but it’s about comradery in a world where we all know it’s tough to earn a buck. We gonna grind this one out and I really feel good about where we’re going. 

If you haven’t heard by now Madison Media Institute is closing. If you know of anyone looking for work or internships from there let me know. I will do what I can to help people find employment leads. When the school did work it was because we were taking care of each other. We can make the state work like the school did and have zero red tape at the same time. 

Saturday July 14 we have a Wisconsin Audio Engineering Meeting taking place at Toy Car Studios in Eau Claire, WI. I am looking forward to seeing a bunch of new faces there and I hope you bring friends and we make a great day of it. 

Ok so to wrap this up, I plan to write at least a blog a week to help keep everyone informed on what’s going on and here’s where you can find it. As Elliot Ness said in “The Untouchables,” “Let’s Do Some Good.” 



Wisconsin Audio Engineering Founder

The Wisconsin Audio Engineering Hall Of Fame Awards 

Greetings friends and welcome to our weekly update. This week we are talking about the Wisconsin Audio Engineering Awards Ceremony that will be taking place on June 17th at the Between the Waves Music Conference & Festival. We'll be revealing our inaugural class within the next couple of weeks and you can tune in here for more info.

We will also have updates on meetings and activities for members featured on the main page. Chat with you soon!

What The Thought Process Should Be When Mixing a Record 

Mixing records isn't just a process, it's an art form. Without diminishing the other aspects of the music creation process, I kind of feel like this is where a lot of the heavy lifting is done in today's music. The mix can make or break your record and honestly, with vocal tuning, beat arrangements and special effects added, there is a lot to be gained or lost in the process. Here is a video on that thought process and how long it's taking for me to mix this new album.


How To Select The Right Recording Studio 

Ok so it's time for you to run that killer idea that you have and turn it into the hit that will define your generation. Everything about your soul tells you that the timing is right, and now all you need to do is hit the studio and walk away with your masterpiece. How do you select the studio that's best for you though? That's one big question answered by the way this site.

Step One: The Right Genre

I think that the single biggest factor one can have to their recording is finding a studio that actually works in the style and genre of the music that they want to record. In short, don't take your speed metal band to your local baptist church because they have a recording studio that Deacon Smith told you was good to go! You'd be surprised how many people actually take the good Lord up on his recording facilities.

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