How To Select The Right Recording Studio

Ok so it's time for you to run that killer idea that you have and turn it into the hit that will define your generation. Everything about your soul tells you that the timing is right, and now all you need to do is hit the studio and walk away with your masterpiece. How do you select the studio that's best for you though? That's one big question answered by the way this site.

Step One: The Right Genre

I think that the single biggest factor one can have to their recording is finding a studio that actually works in the style and genre of the music that they want to record. In short, don't take your speed metal band to your local baptist church because they have a recording studio that Deacon Smith told you was good to go! You'd be surprised how many people actually take the good Lord up on his recording facilities.

If you rap, find a studio that works with rappers. Most of those engineers spend their days perfecting the art of finessing the two track mix. We will write more about that phenomenon in a future blog post. However, if you choose to take your 2 track banger to a rock engineer, it will probably be annoying because they're used to micing up a full band not used to time stretching, chopping, screwing and stuttering a vocal. So step one, find someone that aligns with your genre.

Step Two: The Right Vibe

I think that when you're looking for a studio there's a lot to be said about the vibe of a room that you're recording in. How do you know if the studio is a hang out with more people than you're comfortable with or if its a non-smoking facility and you have a nicotine (weed) habit? You can find out everything that you want to know about a studio simply by looking at social media. I mean let's face it, if you're a trump supporter and you end up in a studio that is owned by a liberal, you could spend you studio time arguing politics.

You will see everything you want to know about a business from looking at their social media profiles. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram and in a few special cases even LinkedIn. Whatever you want to see about a studio or an engineer is there for you to see on social media. Make sure that the vibe of the engineer and the studio match your personal values.

Step Three:

Listen to their recordings. Most studios usually have a place where you can listen to their work. If their website doesn't have something on it, have them send you a link to their clients on Youtube or Sound Cloud. If you can't get a link to their work, then you can always ask for referrals from clients. There's no reason why one couldn't hear a studio's work before booking time with them.

I am sure there are other factors that people reading this might be able to contribute to the topic. If you have a suggestion a comment or some beef you want to take up with me about this, leave it below and we can duke it out like proper trolls!

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